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May 2, 2017

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SoCal vs. NoCal vs. Nevada Race

July 12, 2017

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May 2, 2017

Bugorama Racing Series Official Rules


Heads Up class with a .400 Pro Tree

Weight: lbs. / C.I. (12.00) Minimum weight including driver 1600 lbs. 25 lb. penalty for altered rear torsion housing cars (raised or narrowed) 50 lb. penalty for back half style ladder bar, custom rear suspension, or full tube chassis/strut cars

Open to Air Cooled 4 Cylinder Draw-Thru

turbocharged VW's. Body may not be lightened by drilling holes. No dragsters. Wings: Dragster style wings not allowed in the Pro Turbo class. A spoiler of single plane design is permitted.

Windows: All glass can be replaced with 1⁄8" polycarbonate material such as Lexan MR 4000. Windows may be flush mounted to the body openings. Windows need not be operative, but must be closed during competition.

Frame and Suspension: May use factory VW floor pan or tube chassis with strut suspension. It must meet all the safety requirements. Must have one hydraulic shock absorber per wheel.

Shocks: Shocks may not be adjusted in any

way during the run.

Engine: Single Turbo-Single Carburetor only (no blow thru systems) Turbo Compressor housing: 3in. Max OD. Inlet flange turbo compressor wheel specs: Maximum 60mm inducer, 3in. Exducer 3in max OD. Carburetor manifold outlet flange (Max 3in OD intake ducting) 88x94=2443/149 CI. Maximum displacement 94mm max piston Bore 88mm max stroke 48mm intake x 40mm exhaust valve size maximum. Flat tappet style camshafts only Type 1 head stud configuration only (added head studs permitted) Maximum 1 Spark plug per cylinder. Intercoolers, vacuum pumps, Nitrous, EFI, MFI, BOV's, methanol, nitro, Billet turbo compressor wheels, Billet cylinder heads, Roller cam/lifter combos not permitted. Billet cams allowed. Must have oil containment device.

Engine Swaps: The driver and/or Crew Chief must inform BRS officials during Tech of any spare engine that may be used during competition and provide engine cubic inch displacement. Engine must be made available to BRS officials to verify compliance with class rules. If an engine swap should be made BRS officials must be informed and car reweighed prior to competition.

Fuel: Gasoline only. Nitro, Nitrous, Methanol, Ethanol, E85 Fuel or any Oxygen bearing additives and or Oxygen bearing Fuels prohibited.

Fuel System: After-market fuel tanks or cells are acceptable. Fuel cell must be located outside the driver’s compartment. A bulkhead of at least .032 minimum thickness of metal must be between the fuel tank and drivers compartment. Magnesium not permitted. No device, which can reduce the temperature of the fuel, can be mounted on the car.

Transmission: 4 speed manual transmission only. Must have reverse. Must be manually shifted. No air or electronic shifting. No clutches or sequential transmissions. Automatic transmissions prohibited.

Clutch Operation: Clutch management (permitted).

Wheelie Bars: (permitted)

Flywheel Shield: All cars must have a flywheel shield. See BRS General Rules 10.19.

Wheelbase Length: (+ or - 2"/ caster shims ok) for body used. Shortened wheelbase Manx buggies (permitted).

Wheels and Tires: Must use automotive-type wheels. Racing slicks permitted. Wire or motorcycle wheels not permitted. Minimum wheel size is 13" no Maximum width. Titanium wheel studs are not permitted.

Brakes: Must be hydraulically operated. Minimum two wheel rear brakes operated by a foot pedal that is mounted in a conventional location.

Ground Clearance: Ground clearance of 3" minimum from front of car to 12" behind center of the front axle is required. 2" ground clearance minimum for remainder of car except for oil sump and exhaust headers.

Roll Cage: Roll cage required. See BRS General Rules. No part of roll cage may be beneath floor pan.

Interior: See BRS General Rules 10.24.

Steering: Minimum steering wheel diameter is 13" Butterfly wheels not permitted.

Electrical: Battery must be securely mounted outside of drivers compartment. All cars must be self-starting. Master cutoff switch is required. All cars must have one working taillight.

Computers: Computers, data records allowed. Any device used to alter or control the function of any part on the car cannot remain in the car, during qualifying or eliminations rounds. Electronic boost controls allowed.

Tow Vehicles: Tow Vehicles are allowed, however at any time during competition and at its discretion the BRS may revoke the use of tow vehicles after completing a pass to the point until car passes through scales.

Scales: Drivers must proceed directly to scales after each round of qualifying and eliminations. Returning to your pit before proceeding to scales after a qualifying pass will void that round of qualifying. Returning to your pit before proceeding to scales after elimination rounds will result in disqualification and loss of event points and payout. If you should lose in eliminations, and your opponent fails to return to the scales or fails to make weight you will be reinstated into the eliminations only if you made your minimum weight requirements. If both cars failed to make minimum weight, both cars will be disqualified. It is the driver's responsibility to verify with each track scale, the weight of his/her car prior to each race day. There will be 5 lb error factor allowed.

Competition: At the discretion of the BRS, winners in Pro Turbo may be instructed to remove one cylinder head in order to perform an inspection for verification of rule compliance. Engines will be checked for displacement prior to being awarded the win. All false claimed engines sizes will result in the driver being disqualified and loss of points and payout, even if the car is correct weight for the actual size of the engine. Refusal to remove cylinder head when instructed will result in disqualification and loss of event points and payout.

Safety: All cars must be certified for safety (NHRA Safety Certification).

Two Way Communications: The use of two-way radios for the purpose of voice communication between driver and crew is permitted.

Helmet: See BRS General Rules 10.17. 5.30 Protective Clothing: Jacket meeting SFI spec. 3.2A/1. Cars 9.99 or quicker or mph faster than 135, jacket and pants meeting SFI spec 3.2A/5 and gloves meeting SFI spec 3.3/5 mandatory. 5.31 Head and Neck Restraint: Mandatory, must meet SFI spec 3.3 in all cars running 9.99 or faster or in excess of 135 mph. 5.32 Drivers Restraint System: See BRS General Rules 10.16. 5.33 Window Net: Mandatory, see BRS General Rules 10.22.

Single Parachute: (permitted)

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